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About us

About LeaderSol

Creating innovative solutions to enable businesses to serve their customers better.
We always keep our services up-to-date with the latest trends in the market.

At LeaderSol Technologies

We Help to Grow Your Business, With Our Innovative Solutions

LeaderSol is a USA’s leading digital marketing agency that helps small businesses with branding and strategizing to bring their businesses’ purpose to light and make their objectives vivid and clear.

Our talented team of experts specializes in providing various services like SEO optimized Business Website Development, Mobile App Development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing with SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Classified Posting service, Social Media Marketing, Quality Assurance/Testing, and Domain and Web Hosting.

You can reach out to LeaderSol whenever you like as we also offer a consultation service through which you can consult us about anything. Our team is fully capable of identifying and understanding your problems and provides you with befitting solutions that can help you to achieve your goals quite in time.

Years in Business
Years in Business
Trusted Worldwide Clients
Trusted Worldwide Clients
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

We aim to deliver quality creative solutions agency to growth


Our mission to work closely with our cutomers to completely understand their business requirements and objectives, enabling us to create the best smart solution to achieve their business objectives.


Our purpose to provide our cutomers with the best customized and practical solutions to expand their online and offline presence and achieve their business goals through providing smart solutions, a creative team, friendly service, fast delivery, and ongoing support.


We provide constructive guidance, design, develop & scale robust web, mobile apps, and internet marketing solutions that drive creativity and deliver digital success!

Our Journey

Experience matters when it comes to growing your business day by day and
we have great experience and history



Started with our first digital entrepreneurial experience, handle freelance projects for local businesses and independent tasks for neighboring organizations.



Years of work for the entrepreneurs and the neighboring organizations, we started working for a number of corporate businesses, a mind-blowing addition in our portfolio.



The year when we founded Leadersol, by the courage and hope of the people we delivered, believed in us and thought we could make huge differences.



We have gained a leading position in the digital world and are dedicatedly building the brand’s personality to inspire.

Meet the team

Our Pillars Of Strength Setting The Business Standards

LeaderSol Team

CEO & Founder

Franz Leo

Franz Leo is the CEO of LeaderSol Technologies Pvt Ltd. He is an Master in Information Technology (IT), Bachelor of computer science (B.Sc), and has more than 17+ years of experience in Mobile App and custom software development.

LeaderSol Team

Director & Partner

Alec Hunley

Alec Hunley jointly established LeaderSol Technologies Pvt Ltd. He has 10+ years of experience in IT field. He manages multiple roles and always available to take every step for the growth of the company.